We aim to become an extension of the client’s existing team and provide end-to-end customized analytic solutions

Brokerage and Asset Management

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Brokerage and Asset Management - Initiation and active coverage across a wide range of sectors providing clients with actionable ideas in a timely fashion. Continuous coverage of listed equities and commodities, including breaking news flow and impact on shares, ensures that our client remains on top of execution services. We have active and prior experiences of coverage in the GCC, MENA, Central Asia and Pakistan.

Product and Service Development

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Product and Service Development - We work with our clients to develop a research product line with a core focus to transform research coverage into timely actionable ideas. Our dedicated research teams serve as an extension of the client's team to provide services and wide-ranging support particularly for end-client query response. This serves to improve our clients relationships with their own ultimate end-clients by further leveraging sales efforts.

Independent Research and Business Research Services

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Independent Research and Business Research Services - We have dedicated teams trained to conduct primary research providing us with quick-turnaround detailed solutions for Business Research products. Our teams are trained to provide primary research which can either be survey based or through fact finding missions, giving our business research solutions credible and accurate information on which to base future business related decisions.

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