Equity Research   

AKD Analytics is one of the leading technical bodies in equity research methodologies. We have the capability and standards of working with buy-side and sell-side companies. Timely performance and excellent quality is what makes up the composition of AKD Analytics. The team that makes up our equity research division is a well versed and skilled group of professionals who have quality expertise in subjects like equity research, hedge fund and investment banking. There is a group of portfolio managers and experienced analysts who help the clients with their flow of cost. So, be assured of excellent returns after having a proper professional guidance from us. AKD Analytics can give a marked difference for your investment

   Business Research   

Business research refers to any type of researching done when starting or running any kind of business. For example, starting any type of business requires research into the target customer and the competition to create a business plan. Conducting business market research in existing businesses is helpful in keeping in touch with consumer demand. Small business research begins with researching an idea and a name and continues with research based on customer demand and other businesses offering similar products or services. All business research is done to learn information that could make the company more successful.

   Investment Advisory   

Investment Advisory "Investment", factually means the action of putting something in to somewhere else, in order to derive some kind of profit or benefit from the same. An asset is usually purchased, or equivalently a deposit is made in a bank, in hopes of drawing a future return or interest from it. The Investment Consultancy is all about boosting and enhancing optimally the benefits and profits from the investments to be made. The most important thing is that you should know where your money is going. One should invest so that your money grows and shields you against rising inflation. Advisory at AKD Analytics includes: To search for new investment avenues and influence the entire process from beginning to the end. To investigate the investment product and evaluate it on the basis of surety, returns & duration. To recommend the investment proposal providing the comprehensive and elegant information on all the profitable options such as New Business, Joint ventures, properties, bonds, equity, mutual funds, insurances and pensions etc.

  1. Tailor-made Solutions

    AKD Analytics is a provider of tailor made professional services solutions which serve as an extension of the client's existing team. Our aim is to provide customized investment and business research services which are designed to be end-to-end.

  2. Professional Services

    We offer research and analysis to support investment and policy decisions to help our clients improve competitiveness with insightful market/macro-economic data, industry analysis and demand drivers, competitive landscapes and impact assessment.

  3. Geographic Coverage

    We provide research and advisory support across the globe with concentration in MENA, European and Central Asian geographies even where the scope of work includes primary field work. Our extensive data set includes secondary data acquisition as well as primary research gathering capability.

  4. Quailty Emphasis

    We use the highest standards in building our teams where analysts are chosen from strong academic backgrounds. Our project managers, associates and sector specialists are highly qualified with years of relevant experience ensuring rigorous methodologies and the quality of the end-product.



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